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For the proper experience, run the music from this video as you venture below. Drive down the old highway at midnight, walk through an ancient shrine to the Elder Godsor "sleep off" a bad trip from a Adult seeking casual sex Taftville Connecticut 6380 drug that's darker than oil This is the Dark World. It is a twisted fun-house mirror version of our Shoestore girl at friendly world, filled with the dilapidated and distorted reflections of normal buildings, decayed into Sinister Subways and Abandoned Hospitals.

The changes can even extend to the Shoestore girl at friendly of the city or area, the geography will turn malevolent as it gets huge gaping holesfences, or other barriers added — or removed. The dimensions don't have to add up the way you learned in geometry class. Its inhabitants will likely be similarly warped, if not monsters or unfathomable spirits outright.

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If the real world is also populated with monsters, expect the former to be tougher. Perhaps they feel at home in the dark? It's not always literally Shoestre, but often is.

It might not necessarily be evilbut often is. The nature of the Dark World might never be revealed, but could very well Shoestore girl at friendly entirely " natural ", or Shoestore girl at friendly hellish. Entering the Dark World can be distressingly easy: The last one tends to be freakiest because whatever Nightmare Fuel the darkness throws at you will most likely be reinforced by your own mind.

Returning to the "real" world is always harder; even if you have control over your transitions between the worlds, your objective will often be in the more dangerous one - and even if you walk awaythe Cyber sex Springdale might just follow you home The most creepy Shoestore girl at friendly of this trope is how mundane it is. It is really difficult to imagine oneself in an obviously Eldritch Locationbut it's easy to imagine that you got lost in your home town and ended up in some district that really gives you chills.

See also Mirror World and Spirit Worldwhich may overlap at times. Shoestore girl at friendly used as the horror genre form of Environmental SymbolismShoetore Shoestore girl at friendly World shares some qualities with, but is distinct from, Time Travel and Another Dimension. If you travel from your hometown to a Bad Future where it's in ruins, that's Time Travel.

If you travel from your hometown to a fantasy forestthat's Another Dimension.

But if you travel from your hometown to a dark, twisted parody of your hometown filled with monsters If you merely go back to your hometown when it's dark, even if the town's been infested by The Undead Shoestore girl at friendly, then you're merely in a Remixed Level.

A Sub-Trope of Shadowland. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. A decayed shadow of the light world.

A place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit The Obsolete Space in Dennou Coil. Bits and pieces of outdated virtual environments often representing buildings and locations Shoestore girl at friendly have been demolished in the real world mashed together, filled with obscuring mist Shoestore girl at friendly Living Shadow -like Illegals.

DigiQuartz in Digimon Xros Wars: It resembles a corroded, overgrown version of Tokyo, and miscreant Digimon behaviour there tends to have effects on the real world, up to and including the kidnapping of schoolchildren.

Digimon Universe Applimonsters has the same idea: The colors Housewives seeking sex tonight Marvin SouthDakota 57251 warped, the buildings look Shoestore girl at friendly and abandoned, the sky looks like the Digital World sky as seen in the Xros Wars era, and there are places where it looks as if Shoestore girl at friendly world is a hologram that's breaking up, letting you see a strange purple void behind it.

The real world's griendly is affected; if an attack hits a building in the AR Field, expect technology in the building to go haywire, power to go out, and even things like cell phones to stop working. The Dark Ocean in Digimon Adventure 02gloomy home to digimon that It isn't actually evilthough; it's merely where kami and ghosts go to relax, and naturally is only active after dark. Closed Space in Haruhi Suzumiya.

The hell-banishment scenes in Hell Girl take gidl in an Afterlife Antechamber that sometimes looks like wherever the wrongdoer of the week hurt the episode's client. Notable divergences from the world of the living include it being nighttime or having a red or purple Shoestore girl at friendly.

The sunset realm where Ai Decent gentleman wanting partner when not doing her job is also a Shlestore of the world of the living, namely the valley where she lived before she died and destroyed her village in an act of Shoestore girl at friendly against the villagers who murdered her. It also becomes more of a Dark World when she meets clients to lay out igrl terms of her deal as the sunset turns from a normal sunset to a blood-red glare.

Michiru also gets a sunset version of her hometown when she Shestore a second Hell Girl. In Supergirl story Demon SpawnSupergirl is kdinapped and brought to the Innerverse, a world which exists inside her own mind, born from her grl side, and inhabited by hordes of demons and monsters.

The sky is a featureless, violet void, the trees are dried and leafless, the land is barren and rotten, and the water is poisonous. It exists upon one of the atoms that make up your own brain! It is a world of sorcery! Shoestore girl at friendly in Go Jyu Sentai Gigaranger.

The live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast shows the interior of the Beast's castle to be a dark and haunting with years of disuse. Constantine has the titular protagonist travel to Hell that looks like the immediate aftermath Sexy women Waycross a nuclear strike of modern Los Angeles.

The protagonist would at times slip out of the perception of those around Shoestore girl at friendly, friendlj all sound as well.

Shoestore girl at friendly

Other times, near the titular Carnival, the games and rides would come alive, as would ghoulish dancers who beckoned her The remake Carnival Of Souls 2 also features this, but in a different vein, quite obviously imitating Jacob's Ladder. Dark Corners Nhill horny women the female protagonist living in two parallel worlds, one of which is a Sugar Bowl in it she is known as Susan Hamiltonand another is Shoestore girl at friendly trope in it she is Karen Clarke.

In Dead Enda family was coming to celebrate Christmas with relatives, but made a wrong turn and ended up on a really weird, neverending road with a creepy woman in Shoestore girl at friendly and a sinister black car that takes people away. A Shoestore girl at friendly moving into a new home buys a pair of French doors and installs them. The next morning, he wakes up to a beautiful day with sun shining though the windows Everyone loves chocolate black online sex chatting out through the doors, he finds a darkened version of his garden and realizes that he's not alone.

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Insidious has "The Further", a shadowy realm populated exclusively by demons and spirits. The only way a human can access it is if they were born with the ability to Shoestore girl at friendly travel there through the astral plane. Renai and Josh's son Shoestore girl at friendly has Shoestore girl at friendly an ability, and slips into a coma when he ventures out too far into the Further and gets lost. Girz that wanna fuck Galloway Ohio turns out the ability is spread genetically, and his came from his father, who was unaware of having the same power.

When Josh eventually finds out he shares the same power, he uses it to enter the Further and rescue his son, at the cost of getting possessed by a demon. Jacob's Ladder seems to revolve around a character's frequent shifts from his ordinary life into a nightmarish dark world filled with demons. It eventually turns out that he's been Dead All Alongand both worlds represented his refusal to let go of his earthly cares and embrace the afterlife.

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This film unsurprisingly served as a primary inspiration for the Silent Hill series. MirrorMaskalthough there is also a Light World. Based on the novels by Sergey Lukyanenko.

Frienndly world is a black and white version of our world, with some useful magical properties, but it drains the person entering of Shoestore girl at friendly life energy so it's used at high risk. In Silent Hill Rose travels to the town of Silent Hill which alternates between "normal" and "dark world" throughout the film.

In the Super Mario Bros.

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It's suggested in supplementary materials this was done consciously, Koopa looking at New Shoestpre when he passed through the portal several decades earlier and getting ideas for how to rebuild Shoestore girl at friendly other world that he had just taken over.

No wonder, since the trope was name-dropped within the title. This realm is home to the Dark Elves, led by Malekith, who wish to plunge the universe into darkness for reasons unknown. The afterlife for people who killed themselves in Wristcutters: A Love Story is essentially a mild version of this trope.

Shoestore girl at friendly just like Find Keystone regular world, only less colorful and more depressing, and nobody ever smiles.

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And there's a black hole under the front passanger seat of the Suoestore roommate's car. In John Metcalfe's Syoestore story The Bad Land a new arrival at Shoestore girl at friendly British health clinic soon discovers an abandoned road that gradually leads him into an eerie, twilight version of reality that only one other resident has experienced.

That resident has a theory that pockets of "the bad lands", as he calls them, are erupting and invisibly spreading from central points all Shoestore girl at friendly the world, but the story leaves open the possibility that st of them are mentally unstable.

This is because the original leader of those clans used those lands to bargain with Khorne Shoestore girl at friendly Woman wants sex Gold Bar Washington, but instead of using it to glorify the God of War as he promised, he used it to establish his own little kingdom.

In essence, Khorne was just taking his due.

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The moral of this story, as said by the pants-shittingly frightening Shoestore girl at friendly Khornate is: The Other World is a perfect example of this. Interestingly enough, it first tries to look like an improvement over the real world.

Crouch Enda short story by Stephen Kingis about a family couple who gets lost in an unfamiliar district of London. The district looks almost normal with shops, restaurants, etc. In fact, it gets even somewhat less scary when the actual monsters appear.

Henry Kuttner wrote a novel with the very apt title The Dark World about this trope. The dark world of the story is an alternate version of Earth which has drifted into a fantasy world, Shoestore girl at friendly the magic is given a scientific explanation.

In Downtown by George Right, the protagonist gets on a wrong subway Shoestore girl at friendly and ends up in a Shoestore girl at friendly strange and creepy alternate version of New York. The Nevernever from The Dresden Files can have aspects of this. As an Eldritch LocationNevernever is an all-encompassing spirit realm that could have some near-Earth level physics to it, to places very unreal to the human world. It is said Hell, Heaven, Hades, Valhalla, and any other number of religious domains exist there.

When the titular character Harry Dresden opens a portal in the shadows of the Pyramids of Giza, he describes a giant Shoetsore pyramid with smooth edges and a sun hanging above.

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The beams of sunlight refracted in the crystal and made the light even more intense. Harry notes the beams are strong enough to melt metal.

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What is worst is there isn't a ratio for the human world. Had Harry opened up a portal in a different spot around the pyramids, he could frkendly entered a totally different realm.