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Lady wants sex tonight Laie

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Benn wrote a number of poems as a young man. Two, however, were published: They are short and Memphis adult swinging crafted texts, Lady wants sex tonight Laie give voice to a poetic sensibility that is still in an early stage of self-definition. Und alles will in LLady Blut aufsteigen und ertrunken treiben in eines andern Lebensglut, und nichts will in sich selber bleiben.

Fields of the Unblest Weary I am of my longing for an island of dead green, of silent flocks; I want to become a shore, a bay, a harbour for splendid ships.

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My coast seeks to feel itself walked upon by the warm feet of the living; The spring murmurs in giving cravings and seeks to quench throats. And everything seeks to rise up into foreign blood, and drunken propel itself into a further glowing of life, and nothing wants to remain in itself.

Hoar Frost Something from the mist-drenched air detached itself and grew overnight into a white shadow that clung around silver fir, tree and bush. And it shone like the Lady wants sex tonight Laie whiteness that falls from the clouds, and silently released a dark world Lady wants sex tonight Laie pale beauty.

Benn wrote the poems while Hot housewives seeking hot sex Gaspe Quebec was working as a pathologist in Berlin hospitals, carrying out autopsies. Benn draws on his medical experience in his poems, but transforms it through a perspective that is both analytical and surreal.

His disconcerting subject matter had never been seen before in German poetry: Kleine Aster Ein ersoffener Bierfahrer wurde auf den Tisch gestemmt.

Trinke dich satt in deiner Vase! Ruhe sanft, kleine Aster! Little Aster A drowned drayman was propped up upon a dissecting table. - Find sexy women in Laie, Hawaii for casual sex

Someone or other had stuck a dark-lilac aster between his teeth. As I was cutting through his chest from under his skin with a long knife, to extract his tongue and palate, I must have nudged the flower, for it slid into the brain beside it.

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As he Lady wants sex tonight Laie being sewn up, I packed the flower back into his stomach cavity, between the padding. Drink to the full in your new vase! Rest in peace, little aster! Ein kleines Schwesterchen lag tot. Man warf sie allesamt ins Wasser. Ach, wie die kleinen Schnauzen quietschten!

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Lovely Childhood The mouth of girl, who had lain long in the water reeds, looked gnawed away. When her chest was opened up, the gullet was found to be full of holes.

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And then, in the cavity below the diaphragm a nest of young rats was discovered. And sweet and swift came their deaths too: Oh, how their Lady wants sex tonight Laie snouts squeaked!

Kreislauf Der einsame Backzahn einer Dirne, die unbekannt verstorben war, trug eine Goldplombe. Denn, sagte er, nur Erde solle zu Confident loving nice sexy werden.

Natural Cycle The solitary molar of a whore, who had died without name or address, contained a gold filling. The remaining teeth, as if in silent agreement, had already decamped.

The toight attendant removed this final tooth, which he pawned, so that he could go to Lady wants sex tonight Laie dance. For, as he said: Ein Nigger neben ihr: Sie aber lag und schlief wie eine Braut: The sun raged in her hair and licked along the length of her golden thighs and bent over her browner breasts, not yet disfigured through vice or childbirth.

A Negro was beside her: Two toes from his dirty left foot bore into her little white ear. She lay there quietly, however, and slept like a betrothed: Until someone sank a blade into her white throat and spread a Lady wants sex tonight Laie apron of cold blood around her hips.

Requiem Auf jedem Tische zwei. Nah, nackt, und dennoch ohne Qual. Mannsbeine, Kinderbrust und Haar vom Weib. Ich sah von zweien, die dereinst sich hurten, lag es da, wie aus einem Mutterleib.

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Requiem Horny women in Irvington Alabama Lady wants sex tonight Laie two on each table: Together, naked, and yet without torment.

Their bodies give birth for the very last time. Each one toniight bowls: Lady wants sex tonight Laie remainder into coffins. I saw two, who once fornicated, lying there, as if from the body of their mother. Der Bauch ist gepinselt. Als schnitte man Brot.

Ist das Eiter, was da spritzt? Ist der Darm etwas angeritzt? Narkose, ich kann nicht operieren, der Mann geht mit seinem Bauch spazieren.

Das Ding stand kurz vor der Perforation. Guten Morgen, die Herrn. Appendicitis Everything is white and ready for incision. On the stomach lines have been drawn.

Under the white sheets there is something that whimpers. As if one is cutting bread.

Red is spurting from somewhere. Is this a bunch of roses on the operating table?

Is that pus that is now spurting? Have the bowels been slit?

The man is going walk about with his stomach. Through the emptiness there rattles a pair of sissors thrown to the flour. And the nurses with the feeling of angels hold out sterile swabs. Take the mask off! Everything is a mess.

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You have been lucky again, my son. The thing was about to perforate. Close up the stomach. Close up the skin. The operating theatre toniyht.

Lady wants sex tonight Laie Wants Sex Dating

Raging, death rattles and grinds its teeth, and slinks into the cancer ward. Mann und Frau gehn durch die Krebsbaracke Der Mann: Bett stinkt bei Bett. Das Fleisch ist weich und schmerzt nicht. Kein Mensch hat so viel Blut. Du siehst die Fliegen.

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Fleisch ebnet sich zu Land. Glut gibt sich fort. Saft schickt sich an zu rinnen. Here, this row of decaying Lair, and this row is of decomposed breasts. Bed after bed stinks.

The nurses change hourly. Look at this lump of fat and stinking fluid. That was for some man once something wonderful and also meant passion and his home. Can you feel the rosary of soft nodules? Just have a feel.

The flesh is soft and feels no pain. This one here bleeds as if from thirty bodies.

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No one has so much blood. And here, a baby has just been cut from a cancerous womb. We leave them to sleep.

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Their backs are infected.