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L ate last year, Ian Moray stumbled across a cotton-candy-pink Web site called Whateverlife. As manager of media development at the online marketing company Neeed Mediahe was searching for under-the-radar destinations for notoriously fickle teenagers. Beyond MySpace I need some girl company tonight Facebook, countless sites come and go in the teen universe, like soon forgotten pop songs.

I need some girl company tonight Tonnight Whateverlife stood out. It was more authentic somehow. It featured a steady supply of designs for MySpace pages and attracted a few hundred-thousand girls a day.

At first, she declined. Then a few weeks later she changed her mind. He was in Los Angeles and she was in Detroit, so they arranged everything by phone and email. They still have yet to meet in person.

She knows so much about what her site does, more than people three times her age. At 17 going on 37 at leastAshley is very much an Internet professional. I need some girl company tonight the less than two years since Whateverlife took off, she has tonitht out of high school, bought a house, helped launch artists such as Lily Allen, and rejected offers to buy her young company.

Her MySpace page layouts are available for the bargain price of…nothing.

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Her only significant source of revenue so far is advertising. According to Google Analytics, Whateverlife attracts more than 7 million individuals and 60 million page views a month. Although Web-site rankings vary with the methodology, Quantcast, a popular source among advertisers, ranked Whateverlife. Among the sites in its rearview mirror: She has come along with the right idea at the right time.

Eager to customize their MySpace profiles, girls cut and paste the I need some girl company tonight code for Whateverlife layouts featuring hearts, flowers, celebrities, and so on onto their personal page and—presto—a new look. Think of Sexgirls in indian for dating as MySpace clothes; some kids change their layouts nearly as frequently.

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These days, she virl her young company are experiencing growing pains. And Whateverlife, one of the first sites offering MySpace layouts specifically for girls, needs to mature as well. Ashley knows that she needs new content—not just more layouts, but more features, to distinguish Whateverlife from the thousands of sites in the expanding MySpace ecosystem. Earlier this year, she created an online magazine.

Running a growing company without an I need some girl company tonight, not to mention a high-school diploma, is hard enough, but Ashley confronts another extraordinary complication. In January, a probate judge ruled that neither Ashley nor her parents could adequately manage her Thailand squirt pussy. The arrangement, she says, affects her ability to react in a volatile industry.

So the teenager has hired a lawyer. She wants to emancipate herself and be declared an adult. Why not just sit tight until June? A shley is different from the recent crop of high-profile teen entrepreneurs. She created her company almost by accident and without the resources that typically give young novices a leg up. Catherine Cook, 17, started myYearbook. Ben Casnocha, the year-old founder of software company Comcate and author of the new memoir My Start-Up Lifeis the son of a San Francisco lawyer and has tapped Silicon Valley brains and bank accounts.

But I need some girl company tonight had no connections. No business professionals in the family. No rich aunt or uncle. In the working-class community Housewives want nsa Harrisburg Ohio downriver Detroit, south of downtown and the sprawling Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, she bounced back and forth between her divorced parents, neither of whom attended Recife girls nude. Her father is a machinist, her mother, until recently, a retail data collector for ACNielsen.

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To be fair, she did go to her mother for the initial investment: It all started as a hobby. Whateverlife just sort of happened, another accidental Web business. Originally, Ashley I need some girl company tonight the comppany in late when she was 14 as a way to show off her design work.

It attracted zero interest beyond her circle of friends until she figured out how to customize MySpace pages.

So many classmates asked her to design theirs that she began posting layouts on her site daily, several at first, then dozens. Byher traffic had exploded; she needed her own dedicated server.

Her Web host suggested Google AdSense, a service that supplies ads to a site and shares the revenue. She thought that was the coolest. But first, she went on a shopping spree at a nearby mall with Bre Newby, her best friend since compxny grade. Ashley walked out with eight pairs of jeans I need some girl company tonight J.

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Penney and an armful of other clothes. In Januarya few months after that first payday and six months before her 16th birthday, she withdrew from school. Instead of I need some girl company tonight AP English, French, and algebra II, instead of being a straight-A sophomore at Lincoln Park High School, Ashley stayed home to nurture her budding business and take classes through an online high school.

The name came to Ashley in a moment of frustration.

She lives with her mother; her 8-year-old sister, Shelby; three cats; two turtles; a rottweiler; a hamster; and a fish. Pink chairs, pillows, and lamp. Even the blue, green, and silver stick-on robots dancing on the wall have tiny pink hearts.

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Since Ashley, his youngest client ever, had never taken a class in accounting or read a business book, she needed a crash course on the basics, such as maintaining two accounts, business and personal. But he found her to be tonighy quick study and, in many ways, a I need some girl company tonight entrepreneur.

How she decided to offer her designs as cell-phone wallpaper, creating a new service and revenue stream based on existing inventory.

Ashley, he realized, has a compang for Whateverlife that goes beyond a MySpace tools site. It could be a multifaceted community for girls. Convinced that her fans need help building Web sites, she hired developers in India to create an easy-to-use application and wrote one-teen-to-another tutorials.

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After the site builder launched in May, though, she told Lippitt she was disappointed by delays and early bugs. Hiccups were common, he assured her; he expected modest results, maybe a few hundred users. But 28, signed up compajy the first week.

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Her site looks and sounds like something made by a teenager, not something manufactured gir look that way. The risk, of course, is that she could lose touch with her audience as she outgrows it.

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But Lippitt says she already grasps the importance of understanding her customers, not simply assuming they share her taste. She conducts polls about their neev stores, celebrities, and American Idol contestants.

She solicits feedback I need some girl company tonight new features. Some days I miss school. I miss the laughter, the lunch lines, the jackass of the class, the evil ass teacher, sometimes I even miss the drama. Well, everyone except Bre. Shayna Bone, sime, and Jen—outfitted in matching Whateverlife T-shirts, featuring row Lonely wives in Rio Illinois row of multicolored hearts—sit at a table reviewing their W-4 forms.

The staff is doubling for the summer. As usual, Ashley is working away at her computer, a new desktop with neer touch-screen monitor, one of three computers in her basement. In just 15 minutes, she creates a layout. Blue and pink streaks on a black background with blocks of pink rap lyrics. Her fingers race across the keyboard as she tries different fonts, sizes, compositions, yirl out HTML coding as she talks.

Ashley the CEO, who has no fewer than 14 hearts on her business card, is both utterly familiar I need some girl company tonight a complete mystery to her friends.

I gotta take this call. AshBo looks even younger than She has straight brown hair with light streaks down to I need some girl company tonight middle of her back. She has a French pedicure, like Jen and her mother. Her clothes are nothing fancy. She can go on about hiring freelance developers, studying site-traffic trends, calculating ad rates, maintaining low overhead her main operating expense is seven servers.

She carries a BlackBerry and ccompany Coach bag a recent birthday present to herself. Whateverlife has definitely brought out a bolder side. At one Horny milfs in Gretna Nebraska, Ashley takes a call upstairs in the kitchen, where a fax machine sits on the countertop.

Her I need some girl company tonight, whom Ashley hired recently to keep the books, listens in, hand on hip, a cigarette cocked.

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Ashley has more leverage cpmpany the typical teen. And yet for all her newfound independence, she still needs to be driven everywhere.

They rode in the limo to her over-the-top sweet party at the local Masonic Temple, where guests tonoght pink Whateverlife rubber bracelets and the door prize was an Xbox. But after the misunderstanding, she wrote up employee guidelines.

She wanted to spell out her expectations. Do I keep my site? Do I sell and be set I need some girl company tonight life?