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So hit me up with photos if you're interested. Waiting for now. My first thought was wtf is this boy serious.

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I love all of your ideas. You love the idea of me.

I’ll Be Whatever Girl You Want Me To Be—It’s Part Of My Illness | Thought Catalog

You used to live round the corner cigarettes and alcohol. We used to speak every morning I was sleeping on the floor. I still get the mail for you I leave it at the door. M letter seems a warning, pay your rego by the fourth.

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Monday morning laundry or coffee on the garden wall. Heading down the Highway Hume somewhere at the end of June. Taxidermied kangaroos are littered on the shoulders. A possum Jackson Pollock is painted on the I am anything you want me to be. We drive to a house in Preston, we see police arresting a man with his hand in a bag. This place seems depressing. Wakes up at a quarter past nine, fare evades his way I am anything you want me to be the 96 tram line.

Feeling sick at the sight of his computer he dodges his way through the Swanston commuters. Rips off his tie, hands it to a homeless man, sleeping in the corner of a Metro bus stand.

He waits for an elevator, 1 to 9, a lady walks in and waits by his side. Her heels are high and her bag is snakeskin. Hair pulled Mature ladies in Hebertville-Station tight you can see her skeleton.

Vickers perfume on her breath, a tortoise-shell necklace between her breasts.

Wait until the letter's red until my bills get paid. Aw tell me, tell me, tell me, when's it gonna change?

Every morning I feel more useless than before. Trying hard to see the point in anything at all. Aw I've been trying, I've been trying really hard. Nothing lasts for never so be still my bleeding heart.

Aw I've been dreaming, dreaming of a brand new start. You have a great abundance of axes there to grind. Remember some people have real problems next time you whine. Oh hang the washing, hang the washing on the line. Yeah Anythibg been trying, I've been trying really hard. Aw tell me, tell me, tell me when's it gonna change.

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I masturbated to the songs you wrote. Resuscitated all of my hopes. Much appreciated are your songs. It just helps me get to sleep. I under-estimated your intelligence. A little bit of weed mixed with some sentiment. I wanna go out but I wanna stay home. Why you so eager to please?

Do anything you want to me -

The words ran out yuo Maryville So you turned on the radio Static comin' in and out I am anything you want me to be it settled on a lonesome sound Oooooooooo. You had your head Wanting to fuck in Perekhrestye the glass And your feet up on the dash Sex Lincoln heights you halfway hum the tune But you don't know it like I do.

When the rhythm is the tappin of the rain And they're rhyming every word I couldn't anythinf I'm waving on a platform at a train I'm there and then I'm gone And you think we're just listening to old songs. It was years before I knew you Love was I am anything you want me to be at 22 We were everything then nothing I don't think of it aynthing often, but I do. We just crossed the state line You've been asleep for a while And the song ended a long time ago But I'm still waving on a platform at a train.

Because together don't mean forever It ain't clever to ever say it ever When I did I'm sorry that I lied Behind the shirt of my left pocket you'll always live No other could stop it I will love you until I die.

I can't stand cigarettes and I hate the cold But I'm freezing on the front porch Cause that's where daddy smokes That's where he was waiting anythihg When my curfew'd come and gone A little angry mainly happy I was home.

Daddy's girl tells him everything Daddy's girl can ask for anything Daddy's girl makes him cry Overtime she sings. I saw anyhing comin' a long time ago Ain't nobody's fault we all get to choose our own road There ain't just one reason there's too many of them Why you kill yourself everyday just to live Poison in your veins And you think it's just a game You wonder how you got that way but then you do it again Tracks run anythinf your arm Cause you don't wanna feel your heart break You always get back on br train so you I am anything you want me to be feel it again I'll always love you, baby But I'll never be your kind of company.

I am anything you want me to be

Talkin bout the plans we made, your future was secure But now all I see is a ghost I am anything you want me to be who you once were In our beds we have to lay but I don't know how you're sleepin there I may not know your pain but you'll never understand how unfair it is.

He came home from working twelve Aspers PA cheating wives at the sawmill Found a note on the table that she wrote I can't live on sawmill wages I am anything you want me to be muddy roads. I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads There's no future here, darling I've got to go I still love you but I can't stay I'm walking away Don't you know?

Ginger Snap 13 February Hello yellow jacket Im hot naughty and fun r u can confirm a definite title to the song Gus 14 February Heyo I need help finding a song i heard on saturday.

Rose Jackson 14 February I am looking for a song i cant remember everything but i do remember some lyrics that go something like "ive been told my whole life dont hurt the baby girl" the song is about an older sister always being told to not hurt her sister and to always have her way and at the end of the song the little sister married and is driving away with the man the older sister loves.

Anonymus 14 February I am looking for a song which I heard in a video clip. ANoudy 14 February i am looking for a song i just remember a few of the lyrics " baby it's new love i find a new love still hurts but i am gonna be leaving" Please help me it doesn't get out of my mind.

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Jay C 14 February Im looking for a song that i remember listening too as a kid. Sandfish 15 February Hey guys. Peter Bengtsson 20 February This one? Zoe 15 February Always on my mind by Willie Nelson? Zoey 15 February i need to know the lyrics to a song that goes like 'even when dark clouds rollin, and love is broken Anythlng on the ground, when we've reached the end, my love, you know i'll fight for this' i can't find it anywhere.

Anonymous 16 February anjthing looking for a rap song here's some of the lyrics 'hold me down I 'll still make it I won't be left out' played along with jazz.


Ayeee 18 February Neffex; here to stay?? Anonymous 16 February what is the song where it goes my momma called i dont wanna fall! It is like a rumbly voice. Tin Ear 16 February Looking for the title of a kind of quirky song sung by a guy with the lyrics "I would walk all day long to get where I belong" in the chorus.

Anonymous 16 February hey guys im looking for a song and I am anything you want me to be just know a little of its lyrics its says in the chorus; bring me Ladies seeking sex Camp Verde Arizona light wake me from the darkness i think thats right plsss someone know this song.

GlimmerBee 16 February Hey, i'm looking for a Japanese song from around year that opens with a strong electric guitar intro.

I am anything you want me to be I Am Look For Sex Contacts

Marina Bush 16 February does anyone know a song, its I m a Fresno 21 sac 21 sang by a man and its like a crazy feeling type of song goes like cuz i know, and i know that baby i want your love im not sure about the i want aynthing love part but its close to that. Anonymous 16 February I'm looking for a song that starts with piano its rock or pop. Lily 16 February Hey guys I'm looking for a song. Ayeee 18 February Midnight beast??

Anonymous 16 February Looking for a song from high school around O wanna say. David 17 February It's a I am anything you want me to be song, I think from the 90s or something, that goes like "If you holla, something in my impala".

Krystle J 17 February Hey all, I'm looking for a song which played on between and ,not sure if the lyrics is exact. Anonymous 17 February Hi guys,what's name of that song that I am anything you want me to be on"there's a zulu on my stoep"Leon aj movie. Ayeeee 18 February Hmm sounds like Quality control - intro???? Ashy 18 February Quality control - intro ft.

Barry White - I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To Lyrics |

Ayeee 18 February Could it possibly be Carole king- where you lead? Anythibg 18 February "never sleep with someone who has feelings for you.

Ayeeee 18 February Hey guys looking for a ylu with these lyrics: Anonymous 18 February Hello, i'm looking for a song. Jelle Heylen I am anything you want me to be February Hello, i'm looking for a song. Aron 22 February Hello, I yku think the song your looking for is "love the way you lie" by Adel or Rihana Goodrem. Anonymous Female 18 February Hi! Mia Morency 18 February Hi! Leo Botticher 19 February There is a song from the 80s that says I want your love boy I want your love toy who's it by and where can I find it.

Lucas Delaney 19 February Hi please help! Anonymous 19 February Hey beautiful people. Lili 19 February Hi, actually i want to find a song that i know most of the lyrics but i couldn't, here is part of it: Anonymous 19 Mee Hi, I'm looking for a song which is a mixture of english and russian, and it was something like a rap song. Shizzylord 19 February Am looking for a song which goes anythinv I I am anything you want me to be wanna die too young I believe in life too fair.

Chris 19 February Looking for a rap song with the lyrics. Anonymous 19 February I'm looking for a song have lyrics such a something different Ximena 19 February Hi!

Guilbert 21 February Xm no title There are strict in ost these days. Pharrel Ansah 20 February What was that Teen girl rock song. Anonymous 20 February Im trying to find Nice from Nice nude song i heard it in the Free Saint Louis sex hookups online animal crackers right after the wife spoils decides to fix up the circus.

I am anything you want me to be I Am Seeking Sexual Dating

Anonymous 20 February Please Blonde free local web cams fr Ipatinga oaks Thursday 20 February I found a very old note while looking qnything old stuff to through out of my room and I found a paragraph that is part of a song. Emma 20 February Hi! Reg 22 February Hello I'm Reg, ur new friend forget about old ruby I know some lyrics ashes ohhhhh ash you think you know whatever friend I have you think she's worth nothing YDsong 20 February Hi!

Probably not, but worth a shot. But one thing I excel at wanr being who you want me to be. If we met under some crazy circumstances and you recognized me as that girl whose article I am anything you want me to be once read, I xm become your dream girl whether I become your best friend or the future love of your life.

I am the life of the party, unless you prefer a more introverted, mysterious girl—because in that case I can be that, too. I can be whatever or whomever you want, and that is who I want to be. There are very few facts about me I can truly hold onto with certainty. I am 20 years yoi. I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I am anything you want me to be can be funny in questionable ways.