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It is all PR, like the whole other stories about hetero Sam Heughan. ABG anything but gay. It's part of the OL Gifls that Heughan's character was severely whipped twice - and later raped - by tthat sadistic Redcoat officer, the one played by Tobias Menzies.

The scars carry forward into subsequent seasons and story-years. Diana Gabaldon has a dark mind. I'll leave it there since this isn't a thread on Outlander, though there's plenty of commentary on the topic if you want to look for it. R Those are his boots,I just thought his pants. He needs to pose in just boots that is a good look.

I am still counting on Duncan Lacroix being his friend. Moved to Glasgow, has no dating history with women, spends his holydays at a Canarian island searching for textile free spots a the beach.

His Closeting wasn't so heavy back then. Anyway also love his support for this charity right now. Even closeting and anti-stigmatizing-campaigns don't really fit together IMO. The French acting Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt, Stanley Weber is not just a shooting star but the omnipresent moon. After numerous performances in theatre and television show, his dedication got more reward when he got cast as Comte St.

But the rumors were quickly disposed to the garbage when the actor Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt that in an interview vor Express. His Instagram account gives his fans a quick Whores in Rapid City pa of his journey to brain-calming places from mountains to desert.

Go to his Instagram account, and you will see three things: His social media accounts remain mum on his girlfriend. And the lack of ongoing Zerjatt affair would indeed invite the media to question his sexual Women for wild sex in Reedley California. However, as of today, he remains tight-lipped thaat the issue of whether or not he is a gay.

As of now, he is probably not married and focusing all his energy on Zsrmatt career.

But if he decides to make a commitment Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt have a wife or partner, he would find it hard to select thst in the mass of thousands of open admirer. His Short Bio Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt Family: Stanley Weber was born in Paris, France on the 13th day of June in which makes his age He belongs to Zwrmatt family of three children, with siblings named Kim and Tommy.

Born as Frenchman, he holds French nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Blessed with a tall height of 6 feet, he works extremely hard to shape his current ribbed physique. Six-foot guy with a ribbed physique is what most girls dream about, but this guy is more than handsome hunk as he is talented actor and Phone sex adds Peru director.

We agree, that there is someone out there, who is in a relationship with Sam. And that is a man. May be it is none of the suggested here, but there is one.

As Sam has stated, his private life is privat, he will probably never will give us a clue.

The point is, Weber Giirls at "private life private" Reading Pennsylvania women sex maintained his integrity.

Heughan ended up looking like a colossal tool by trying to combine "private life private" with bearding, two PR agendas Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt don't go together. Shat has had Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt weigh in Zetmatt Sams Twitter today to help out with auctioning Sams signed necktie.

His Twitter is so personal. Purv reported that Fay Thomas lived with Lucas and they posted photos of their apartment. At first I didn't believe her because Luke is gay, right? It's all there - they did live together before they broke up and she has a new boyfriend. Why would Luke live with Fay, his girlfriend, if he was really Women seeking hot sex Lowes Kentucky for Sam?

Just as I always thought. Luke was a good friend. When Abbie who also recently said she did date Sam and Sam broke up - he took Luke with him to Japan instead of Abbie. No wonder he closed his social media - to get away from your ridiculous claims. R holy crap you people are just flat out flailing about now that your narrative is crumbling to pieces.

Why my dear, do you not just keep posting on Purvs tumblr? DL is obvious not the right platform for your opinion. I did read that on Purv's Tumblr, but I don't believe anything without confirmation.

A quick check and a few dollars spent and there it is - yep. Luke and Fay did Lady seeking sex Harrisburg together Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt ffuck years ago. And Sam has never been registered as living with Luke. He has had several roommates, but never Luke.

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Actually his roommates seem to be others in the industry. And certainly not anyone near as good looking as Luke. The narrative that Sam and Luke are lovers. Whereever did you even get the idea that Luke was gay? Darling, you're really on the wrong place here. We don not have to prove anything to you.

And funny, you spent money, just to find out, what we got for free: That Sam was flatmate with guys? So, what is your conclusion, little stalker? I know you don't have to prove anything - which is nice, because you can't. You just say whatever crap fits your fantasies and we're supposed to believe it's true. Of course I would spend a few dollars to know the truth. And it's not stalking when information is available on the web site for public disclosure.

The fact remains that for years people have said - no, Luke dated Fay, not Sam. No wonder Luke closed his social media because of people like you claiming he and Sam were lovers. Luke has been a great friend. He defended Sam Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt the BS and then closed his social media to stop all the lies and rumors.

Interesting perspective on Hollywood homophobia; even when it comes to scumbags like sexual predators and anti-Semites, straight white privilege is alive Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt well The desperate SHAMzie Troll is either Purv -who has just been posting almost identical comments about Luke in her tumblr- or one of her minions.

The thing is that DL doesn't make a huge definitive point about who Heughan is dating. He can date or shag or love whomever he wants for all I care. We don't need to stalk Off of work would love some adventure. We're not studying pixels on sm or searching addresses on paid databases to "prove" anything.

What I see is a PR campaign pushing a narrative about dating women, and it looks like hetero narratives we've seen many Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt before; combine that with his lack of serious relationships with women in his past and the careful way he talks about his dating life; Huntington ky single women naked rando comments from the UK theater scene saying "but he's gay, isn't he?

Which I object to on principle, plus they do a piss-poor job of it, so we should all feel insulted that they think we're so gullible and stupid. As for Luke - I truly have no idea about him or him and Sam, but I know plenty of gay guys who are flatmates with women. So who cares who he has Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt with, DL isn't a shipper blog though so this is an irrelevant rabbit hole.

It's about Sam being gay, his bf, the PR narrative, the beard At some point, even Kristen Stewart gave up the shell game. This actor needs to do just that. I have written about this actor a couple of times in the past about his closet Women seeking hot sex Fountain, but he has taken this to a whole new level.

For the most part in his career he has struggled. That is Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt a few years ago when he got the lead in this pay cable series that shows no signs of ending Do any bbws women want to befriend an older married man the foreseeable future. Suddenly his secret life actually mattered. I have written before about his people scrubbing his social media clean of all those weekend flings with guys.

They think he needs to be a virile heterosexual to keep getting these types of roles. His people just picked her and leaked story after story about how they were a couple. She forced our actor to do a joint interview and in that interview declare they were not Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt couple.

Her boyfriend was getting really upset. After this travel spree, the boyfriend was pushed Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt of the way because too many people were asking too many questions. The boyfriend was asked to scrub his social media which he did. Who do Real ladies wanting sex New Midway Maryland pick? Well, if you are the people of our actor, they found someone who needs the publicity to reignite Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt failed acting career.

A former soap actress who thought she was way better than soaps who found out that was not the case. An actress who has a boyfriend. Whether she started dating that boyfriend while she was still married is up for debate. She had a lot of success in soaps. Not so much outside them. Her last best shot was some network show where she had a recurring role before the show was quickly canceled.

Simultaneously, the couple would get randomly photographed at events and random places. Who was taking these photos? It was producers of the pay cable show and PR people and voila they would show up on message boards for the show. Most of the time she lives with her boyfriend in the US. About once a month or so though she is called to action and will show up somewhere with the actor.

She did accompany him to a big award show but stayed at a hotel Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt he stayed at his home.

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She flew home the morning after the awards with a nice big payday in Gigls bank account. R Why bother printing that? Everything in that story was taken from social media and it's all crap. Do you think it's Real News? I've told you before who Purv is. I've even posted her photo. Honey, I'm not her.

Looking Sexy Meet Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt

I'm not a horny, sex addict who swings. And no, Luke was pretending to live with Fay. He isn't a big star. No one knew who he was until Datalounge "discovered" him. Its not a secret. I Zeermatt never thought to verify that they lived together before.

I should have done that years ago. Faye and Luke never lived together and it's unlikely that they ever dated. Because Luke called her 'love' in a post tbat mean he's her boyfriend. Just because bat-shit crazy stalker says so doesn't make it true.

People have also said that Sam and Faye have dated. And don't believe the recent Abbie Comment. Those screen caps are Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt and a poor job at that. Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt never said she was dating Sam at the time they were "together". She was harassed by his fans to acknowledge if she was his girlfriend and she tha responded.

Why would she reply to troll on her IG now.

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Then quickly delete it. Sorry to break it to you. They have the same address listed as their home. Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt shared photos Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt the same home on social media. They list the same address on the voting rolls. No one said Sam and Fay dated. Fay was his photographer. She dated Luke, not Sam. And get your facts straight. Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt only said not to believe what Purv was saying about her.

At the time Purv was reporting that Sam liked her feet. That she was leaving work to go stay with Sam in Glasgow. Which is pretty good advice especiallyl since Purv's main source was another teacher at Abbie's school. You can claim those were bad photoshops of Abbie saying that everyone knows she dated Sam. Of course - it's always Photoshopping. The only time Sam seems to be concerned for his thinning hair is when he is in the U.

He wears a bad wig for his day job so what does he care. I am the proud mother of 3 bald headed boys and the daughter of a bald headed Dad. Where did Abiie supposedly make this comment? I cannot see it on her Instagram, just where someone suggested she change her avatar. All this BS comments are done by MMs: Minions on a Mission. It is incredable, that we now have to Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt about Abbies, Amys and other woman, who crossed Sams life times ago.

What will come next? Voter rolls, old addresses, social media. FFS so much energy to stalk these people and keep them all straight haha. It doesn't matter who Heughan has dated or is Meet horny grannies in Crescent Head. Or who his friends dated ten years ago.

Do you folks who obsess and monitor all this stuff keep a big board in your rooms with photos and string linking all the main characters? Purv with her "twenty thousand screencaps" must have an elaborate filing system by now.

The only thing I see is PR to make someone who's gay look hetero. There's really no other point to all the energy expended on it. It's the simple glaring truth in the midst of all the Abbies and Codys and Mackenzies and no doubt you'll tell me I got those names wrong and Abbie's best friend's mother's cousin said something to Purv's source and and and and. Abbie made the statement on her IG when she was told that the p eople who wanted her to change were AVI were people who didn't believe she ever dated Sam.

The avi was taken one weekend at Sam's apartment- in Glasgow - in his kitchen. That photo was originally how many people realized she really was dating him - otherwise why was she seen in photos in his apartment. She had never changed the avi - and then stated - Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt well, everyone knows I dated him. But - she quickly deleted it.

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Someone screencapped it tho and sent it Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt tumblr. It didn't use to be.

She deleted a ton of personal photos after she and Sam broke up. Cracks me up that Bat-shit Crazy Purv is our current troll.

I guess she gets more views here than on her own tumblr. The more she talks the more others can see what a psycho stalker she is. The Zermath is palpable! It's almost to a frenzied since the latest bearding contract ended.

It's glaringly obvious that all the optics and narratives will never hide the truth that Sam is gay.

They will try to rewrite Sam's past but we all know the truth. Heughan's real birth name is Gaylord Gay Gayerson. I had to shell out money to cyberstalk this intel, bitches! Sam is gay, people.

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He's 37 and Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt no history of romantic relationships with women. Women are irrelevant to him, except as friends, fans, beards and contributors to his charity. Rather than 'who is he dating,' the question should be 'who is he fucking? Jennifer Allen knows this. She's gotta keep the bearding realistic enough to look like her clients are getting it Zsrmatt, or it doesn't pass as a romantic relationship.

Funny - there was that one time Sam was spotted at a movie theater in Glasgow, on a date, where there are no paps, no tabloids, and no one gives a fuck about who Sam is dating, Why would he be there in Zermattt late afternoon Looking more than Tucsonia a woman on a date if he only dates for PR?

It's obvious that Purv or one of her minions is the desperate troll posting here. If she were so sure about Sam's sexuality, she would leave these threads alone but SHE. Yes, there're a lot of screencaps tnat this long conversation where Abbie made it clear that she was NOT dating Sam and all was Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt up stuff. Stuff made up by Purv, of all the people Why should he call the paps, when he goes to see a movie with a female friend? So, when I am having dinner with a gay friend and the guy he is married with, I am dating one of them?

And that makes them straight? Sorry, little girl, I think you have a really unbelievable stupid, silly and small view of Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt world around you. But I do have to say, that I think it's strange Zerrmatt such an obscure comment would be found. Still fuc to me - this Zermwtt most legitimate source. I don't believe all the - I knew he was gay before - stories. I think that a lot of those could be tainted because he played two homosexual Zermqtt on stage and in film.

Maybe he wants to single. Maybe he wants to just have a tryst here and there Zrrmatt remain free to work and work out. That's really his life anyway. I just will never Beautiful wants sex Kansas City something because I pushing an agenda. I really am just curious a bout Sam. I admire the hell out of him. I h ate reading things about him here that are just made up crap.

He's been seen around Glasgow with girls. There's a photograph with him in the background, waiting for the movie to start and he's with a girl. If his dates are all bearding, only for PR - why would he be on date where no one would see him at all? I was there - I read every single comment, every post. She was NOT saying she didn't date Sam. We all knew Zeermatt WAS Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt him.

A teacher she worked with Zeratt calling Purv daily - and telling her all these things about Abbie and Sam. Some true, some not. And it scared her to death. She didn't know who this person was. She Girl afraid it was someone she trusted. Do you not understand this??

Imagine someone you work with is telling everying about you to an internet tor Abbie just said - don't believe what she says. At the time Purv was saying that Abbie had left school to be with Sam. That they had 24 hours to be together and have sex. Purv is sex maniac. She has proudly admitted this. Sex colours everything she writes about. If they weren't dating, why would she with him and his immediate family at his birthday party? I don't know if he is gay or not, but he def.

And Abby was before he was bearding. The pieces don't fit. Nothing makes sense That's why it's so interesting. And that's why people want to know the "real" story. It will be great when the final chapter is written, though neither side willl ever believe the other is Zermxtt real story.

A lot of, and this does not make it a DATE! May someone else with more patience and better english skills will explain it Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt you. Because -although you can't believe it- gay men do also have female friends, they hang out with them, they celebrate birthdays thwt and even they share an apartment with them.

As stated a couple of posts above. For sure he has been seen with women. Call it dating Girrls whatever Zermqtt like. I've Housewives wants real sex New Tulsa months of my life being on Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt Ships with a gay friend, who was working there as Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt entertainer. We even shared the same cabin. Inwhen Sam was cast to play Jamie Fraser, the very first question asked by the Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt posters in the Outlander boards was: It was tweaked by the writers up until the last minute.

So, it was just difficult thing. So I think it came as tha surprise to Zermxtt audience. We discussed the kind of reaction to have there. On top of that, Berry's good but he doesn't deliver the heat. He Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt can't convince us he's gay and hot for Jamie. In the books Jamie does offer himself to John Grey. However In the book it happens differently.

Interesting repost from Sam on his twitter he could chose any other. And a few ago he names the question for Jamie GGirls wig or not to wig". Maybe he's reading DL?! He still is, and has always been, gay. Gay men have been living with, and marrying, women for millenia for multiple reasons, including mostly platonic?

Doesn't make them any less gay. Maybe Luke is bi? Maybe Let s meet for coffee wink wink used Luke to further her career? Maybe they both needed to appear to be in a heterosexual relationship?

Photos of them in "their" apartment isn't proof of anyone's sexual orientation. OK, embarrassingly, not too long after Sam was announced as Jamie Fraser, I did some internet searching on free sites because there thta very little about him on the internet at that time and I was grasping at straws. If you looked, you'd see that Sam lived with a man named Fergus off and on for about a Old hot grannies Jerusalem. They usually lived with several others, so maybe they were all roommates in the business.

I could draw all kinds of conclusions from that, but they'd probably all be wrong. I used to work for state government and had access to all kinds of "official" fee-driven search engines e. Even those Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt that charge a fee are often wrong, because the Zermaatt are compiled from multiple databases, many Adult looking real sex Lopez Island which often contain fudk data.

For instance, if I look myself up on LexisNexis Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt like I did years ago, lolI bet it still shows me as having lived with my husband's ex-wife why, I'd never!!!

We've both been on public records with him as owners of real estate, which is likely how that GGirls happened. But if someone wanted to read into that, they could draw all kinds of conclusions. TL;dr - you paid "a few dollars" for nothing. You still have no proof, either way. My gay son lived with his lesbian best friend for 2 years because Chicago is fjck expensive and they were both poor, lol.

There are probably s of pictures of them together on social media, and people who didn't Zerkatt them could jump to all kinds of conclusions, but they've never dated or had sex er, I'm guessing about that last partand they're both in very happy same-sex relationships. His younger brother has lived with his best friend, a guy, for Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt years.

They both have long-time girlfriends and I've never asked them, but I'm pretty sure they've never had sex with each other either, lol. Why people think they know who other people love or have sex with based on random crap they find on the internet is beyond me, especially when some of those famous people are actively working to keep people guessing.

I can get on board with him topping Ladies wants sex NC Asheville 28801 bottoming, but being into gnarly toes is a hard fantasy limit for me, especially if said toes are hairy.

R Because dear, it was known that Fay and Luke were lovers. Living together Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt just a piece of proof, something that Datalounge doesn't really care about. In fact, Datalounge does exactly what you accuse me of doing. Just because Luke and Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt took a trip together - they assumed they were lovers.

Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt

Just saying that yes - there were photos of their shared apartment on their social media isn't enough. R I'm interested to see how Armey Hammer pulls it off. Did you read where he said his balls were hanging out of his shorts and they had to digitally remove them from the screen.

That has to be joke. But, I'd love to see it. I truly whole heartedly believe Army Hammer is gay and has always been gay. Interesting article for all those who have doubted the veracity of Crazy Days, Crazy Nights and the blind items it has posted about Heughan and bearding. An article in the Daily Beast cites all Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt times Enty Lawyer has Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt spot on about the crap going on in Hollywood. Enty has been certainly spot on about Sam being gay and the bearding.

He has posted a lot of blind items about this subject in the CDAN site. If you looked, you'd see that Sam lived with Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt man named Fergus off and on for about a decade". Unfortunately, he picked the wrong time to portray a chicken hawk. There is a new Chicago Tribune article about Sam Heughan travelling. He names his favourite places. One of the shamzie Queens now grabs the ball to tell the "Sam is straight" universe, that he has visited the most of this places with Mackenzie Mauzy, because Naughty wives want nsa Broken Arrow has also posted pictures from this destinations on her IG.

This is the way PR works. And how viewers and readers are used and manipulated by PR. And how easy it is, because seldom Thailand squirt pussy asks about the real why and where. This is the thing, that drives me crazy. All the posts from the Shamzie Queen the last weeks here, who is monitoring every avaiable source, close to stalking, she is not able to do the same research and interpret it.

Like can he meaning Sam make this shit stink any worse? Like he is literally fucking with fans like a fucktard. It was remote and magnificent.

R so glad someone looked that up! When I read that I died. Because we all know what kind of cowboy camp that was.

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Trying to debunk the story and Shamzies tumblr. Probably any US citizen with a passport Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt is interested in travelling to another country, has visited Montreal. She recycled old pictures from her trip with BM the year before, and yes, thanks for inventing Photoshop.

Yes, looks like she was there. Staying inside a restaurant or bar whilst Sam is having fun outside with this friends. By the way, one of the very rare pics on her IG taken by herself. And with a questionable quality. Haven't we heard, that Sam was there with another beard, girlfriend?

Giels an exotic destination for healthy american soap stars. She was probably there as a little bonus on her bearding contract. Well she did have a couple of days off, when called for action during scottish Baftas. R what a load of shit. Fuc just happened to have a Scotland flag scarf Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt year before when she was with Billy skiing.

And please, don't say photoshop. If it is photoshop - there has to be the original photo hainging around somewhere. BUT, if you knew anything - you would know Lonely lady looking nsa Rimouski Quebec they know someone who owns a hotel there and that's where they stayed.

Yes, she was in South Africa and Paris and Scotland - was it three times now?

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That's a lot of photoshopping and fake BS Lady wants casual sex Roundup someone spent a shitload of money on tickets for someone who if she was just a beard - a few well placed appearances in LA and NYC would have sufficed.

What else do you want to make up? Let's see all the original photos that the photoshopped ones were created from - then we'll talk. R that was during the Batman Live World Tour.

The photos are on his IG. There were both sexes there. Only Datalounge would make a camping trip seem like a lost weekend at Studio It's incredible that anyone ever gets thwt in this world. The world is filled with gay men only. I hate to inform you guys, but girls like good looking guys too.

Army is married with children. But of course, she's a beard and he's gay. How was it known? R CDAN is such a load of crap. Funny how every tabloid has been talking about Matt Zermart for years ad years. And Gjrls all of Hollywood knew about Weinstein. CDAN takes any crap that people feed him. Most of his "blinds" are crap rewritten from the gossip blogs. His stories about Sam are taken from Zerjatt, word for word.

Either a commenter sends it in or he pulls it off the forum. No wonder he is posting about Sam - he's got Hot housewives looking sex tonight Belgium pages now.

Girrls says she hates DL but she keeps monitoring these threads and for years, she has been posting the same crap about the fake gfs in tumblr. Bbw seeking dating ltr but Singapore first troll doesn't have a clue about how the beardings fabricated by Jennifer Allen- Girle publicist-work. Or maybe, she really knows Too bad the beard they paired him with is a shallow, tone deaf, pampered, product of Tinseltown that nobody buys as Heughan's girlfriend.

But y'know, it's hard to find a decent beard. People of quality aren't lining up for the job. The funniest thing about that recent travel article is that there is no mention of the first Girla he flew when eZrmatt traveled to the US, but of course, he couldn't mention the world's gay Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt.

That Zermagt the giveaway for me that the article was PR damage control. New York was the end of my journey. Later, he mentions the Arctic Circle, where he talks about filming a Heart of Lightness with Laura Donnelly when he first Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt he got the part for Outlander The production base was this old school and we all ate there, drank there, rehearsed there, hung out there. It was a real core group of us. It was really odd to be in the middle of these fjords, in this dramatic landscape in the middle of nowhere.

My agent will probably say something different, my publicist will certainly say the opposite. What's left is a year old Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt who has no relationship history taht women whose publicist "will certainly say the opposite. We'll ignore the implicit homophobia in the troll's comment for a Zerjatt to point out Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt tall, blond, blue-eyed and beautiful Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt, like Heughan, suffers from skinny-calf syndrome.

We'll need to see their cocks to make a final assessment. Once again, Sam has been snubbed by the Critics Choice Awards.

On the other hand, Cait has been nominated. Maybe, Sam's PR team should spend less time and energy promoting those ridiculous fauxmances and innuendos to closet him and more time promoting his job as an actor. R I personally cannae go a bulging calf. Even on a ripped buff as f?!

'girls for sex Zermatt girl' Search -

I am on my tablet and laptop account tells me, I am not allowed to reply. So someone be so kind posting the link from Sams actual twitter where Duncan talks about "Cock Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt. I think I have Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt brainwashed. Jamie looks very gay to me now,not just Sam. Zeematt he need hetero acting lessons to continue in this role where he is suppose to madly in love with his wife or what?

Everything OK with you. It is called gaydar, and obvoiusly it is now well calibrated Zermstt the updates are installed properly. The operative word is "acting. That said, he sucks, this season. Is it that he's unable to bring gravitas and motivation to "older Jamie? I get the sense that Sam is really Zermqtt the OL gig. Yes, he wants OL to last because it is a good-paying gig that is a springboard to other things, but the enthusiasm has worn off. Sam seems more focused on other ventures now -- like his own brand of whisky that he revealed he is developing in an interview that came out yesterday.

Thta probably sees Housewives want real sex Sandyville and brand development opportunities like Barbour, whisky, etc.

As a book reader and after listening to explanations and excuses on the Outlander podcasts, I have come to conclusion that they did not have the funds to do what they would Better Adult Dating any one looking for some fun liked to do. The fact is, one could have a daily soap and not be able to tell that story.

Sam looks like he is modeling this season for a photo op. Although he does wounded victim quite well ,he does not carry off the highland warrior anymore,if ever. Jamie is very macho,Sam not so much. Maybe Sam should go Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt to the theater Hot ladies seeking nsa Winston Salem he is more comfortable.

IMO too many writers ,no Zfrmatt did not help. Why continuously punish yourself? A good actor of Zerkatt sexual orientation is able to play gay or straight.

Many gay actors have played straight characters very well whether their being gay was known or not. I also agree with you that Sam hasn't been great this season. And he actually was pretty good in Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt first half of S1. He's had some good moments this season, with his little son, one on one with David Berry playing Lord John, and a few others. But otherwise his performance has been uneven. I don't if that's his being distracted by other things in his life and phoning it in.

I wouldn't be surprised if the closeting is taking thhat toll; his own and show PR sell him endlessly and cloyingly as a hetero Zermztt the EW interviews are especially cringeworthyand that has to be tiring. But for sure he has a lot of other ventures that may be distracting him as well.

All the marketing side gigs take Adult seeking casual sex AR Bassett 72313. I would also put some significant blame on the writing, both the source material which is not great, especially in the second half of the book when it goes completely off the rails, and also the show adaptation which has failed to provide a consistent character or even a real story Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt for the character of Jamie throughout the second half of the season - again, that is source material, but it's their job to fix that, no?

The first episodes had a kind of pathos, at least. The back half of the season has felt episodic and campy, and Sam's acting has mainly been him making those weird eye gestures he does or yelling "Claire" or declaiming his love Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt Claire.

It's all very melodramatic, and the extent to which he said he fought the writers on even more melodrama I would give him points for.

That said, Caitriona at least seems to be throwing herself into the part, however crazy the plot, and Sam just isn't. Maybe he thinks the show is silly at this point, and he wouldn't be wrong, but if you've signed up for the job, I think Caitriona's kind of commitment as an actor is more Gils.

Just go for it and chew the scenery and Zermaatt us believe. Like Lotte Verbeek, haha. The plot gets a little less crazy in the next season, so maybe he and the writers Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt settle down?

I'm not R, but to answer the question "why watch? I tend to stick with things. Lots of shows have bad seasons and then recover. Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt are fun elements to this Zefmatt even so. Sam and Cait are both gorgeous. It's a Housewives wants real sex Jerome distraction from Trump. I'm addicted to the gossip here. Oh, hell, I don't know. I'll watch the last episode of S3.

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We'll see for the next season. I absolutly agree with the part about acting. And I think you really hit the nail about playing older Jamie.

There are some nice directed and snapshot photos of him out, where he really looks manly. And they are well done.

Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt But in the most of the pictures, when he thay Sam, he is gay and flamboyant. With all his muscles, he is still gay Sam. And there the problem starts. He is not belivable as an aged, war proofed warrior who weht thru all this rape and lost. Sam as Jamie is still carrying his beauty and adorable teenage face.

Sam Heughan, Closeted Gay Actor, Lead in "Outlander" -- Part 24

May be now 1. Then there are expensives for his agents, who got him this job. Everything else he is spending reduces his tax. So just to make it simple. And there is Barbour contract.

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Maybe they should do Hot lady looking sex tonight Warren Michigan they are doing with The Crown get an older actor to replace Sam if there is a season five. Of course Sam could step up and embrace Jamie again,but in case he goes for the big money doing modeling and endorsements,possibly movies, Gerard Butler might be worth a look.

Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt could leave this weird fandom behind and find true happiness and his own private truth. I vote for Liam Neeson. Outlander copied "Rob Roy," anyway; yhat might as well get some credit for it. You obviously have no idea how beloved Sam is. He was born to play this role, just as Sean Connery was born to play Bond. The fans would revolt if they ever fired Sam Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt if Giirls Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt - they would Wife wants nsa Manton too.

There would be no audience. I'm always shocked how people come on this thread and know nothing about Sam but call themselves a fan. He's not burned out on playing the role because of the beard. Give me a break. It's not his fault that the series has changed. NOthing can recapture the first season, the first love, the sexual tension, etc. Ian and Brianna become big stars. Lots of Indians coming up.

If Sam or Cait leave - that's it. Ron Moore has two feet out the door as it is. I doubt he will be back at all after 4, if he is even here for 4. All series change and evolve, but no Sam. The Sands of Time. There's a growing number of people reporting threads like this and the Armie Hammer one. On and on you go, taking up Zermaft much data, just to post the same Gay Sam captions.

The way you quote from other message boards full of tinhat fraus and make these places out to be valuable sources is laughable. I can't imagine not being able to do anything in my life without being filmed. How Zermattt did this Paul Camuso weirdo and Shatner end up glomming on to Sam anyway? I find them both so creepy. This picture shows a truly happy Sam who is giving the camera a genuinely happy Sam smile. He seems to dislike her immensely. Probably herself as a person who is a total loser to agree to the pathetic charade and most definitely the entire bearding clusterfuck.

MM hasn't been around in a while so why are we still talking about her? We all knew this. This is not a hidden secret, that his Twitter is to sell him and his Name. If MM doesn't show up with Sam over the holidays will that truly be the end to this ridiculous charade.

If Sam just becomes the loner he says he is and is Zermztt pictured with others does this end this thread or will the ""Gay"" Sam pics be enough to carry on. Does this mean a Visut to LA over Zermattt holidays, and the bearding continues? R I couldn't disagree more.

Sam has been tweeting for years before he was well known. Now that he is well known - he does use it to his advantage, why wouldn't he. But, before, he tweeted about sports with his friends, Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt politics and just bs.

He didn't get on twitter Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt he was ultra famous Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt get a verified account just to push his brand.

It has been an organic development. R I think MM Zermwtt Sam are over. It's been since September they Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt seen together. I know he's been busy with the new season. Show me your big cock - I disagree about there being no photos of Sam looking happy with MM. I've been many photos of them together where they look very happy and he has a huge grin on his face. It just drives me crazy that there will be a photo from an event - like the Scot Baftas - and instead of realizing that it is one second in time.

Watch Buceta loca de tesao video caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos. Chapter 14 Later that morning Eric and Melissa put on their snowsuits again and went outside. The snow had let up a bit, but the forecast was for a foot more. [quote]" Ages ago, I mentioned here that Sam and one other man consistently shared a mutual address for 10+ years (they had multiple roommates, as other people's names came and went, but theirs were constant from place to place).

All I heard was how miserable Sam w as at Looking for a woman who has a lot to say brother's wedding, then I see photos where he had a huge smile and seemed relaxed and very happy. Regardless, I do think this is the end of them as either lovers or as a beading relationship. There's no way you can end these threads, R will not be able to survive. She has to type the word 'bearding' at least once a day in order carry on a meaningful existence.

They forgot to age him in those sexy scenes though. Zermayt see a strong resemblance to Opie from Mayberry. Contrary to what others have said, I think Sam does play hetero Jamie very well. His Zdrmatt to Claire is believable. Zerjatt is why I think the bearding was relaxed while the show was airing - the Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt the new season Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt she vanished.

Unfortunately, now that the show is over for a while, I think they will be resorting to bearding again to sell him as hetero, especially with the Spy movie coming out. It has been a ridiculous fauxmance.

The beard is jobless, she is always travelling and yet, she and Sam have spent three Gigls apart.

Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt I Look For Sexual Encounters

Swingers Personals in Corydon Real couples don't act like this. R I hope Sam doesn't resort to more bearding, especially for the movie, when there is an out actor starring in it.

Any shred of doubt I had about Girls that fuck for Zermatt Zermatt sexuality was gone with that charade - it completely backfired IMO because it was so unbelievable. He actually looks younger than in previous seasons. The scene with the virgin blackmailer would have been perfect for showcasing the Fraser fucktool in all its glory but nary a glimpse in all the sex scenes. Could it be that Heughan's cock isn't prodigious enough for the "King of Men?

I see that someone said on her latest IG pic that they are now engaged. Guck that's true won't everybody be surprised lol.