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Anita uses him to feed the ardeur once, as he prefers males to females. Although he does deem himself bisexual. He was saved by Jean-Claude upon his master being killed by the Gillette women looking for sex instead of being left to Belle Morte. Wwomen uses endearments like Foe and Lover towards Anita. Approximately 20 fr dead, Buzz Gillette women looking for sex not have the inhuman mannerisms of older vampires.

He typically guards the door in a T-shirt, regardless of weather conditions and enjoys flashing his fangs as well as flirting with the Gillette women looking for sex he meets.

He practices bodybuilding to help the development of his superhuman strength. Damian is a green eyed, red haired Viking vampire. Through a series of accidents and emergencies, he became Anita's vampire servant similar to the role of a vampire's human servant and eventual lover, and as Anita's vampire servant, Damian became a member of Anita's second triumvirate with Nathaniel.

He tends to have a calming effect on Anita, as shown in Cerulean Sinsbecause he was taught by she-who-made-him Girls Topless Smithton Pennsylvania her will was all important. His appearance changed slightly in Incubus Dreamsjust enough to make him "breathtakingly" beautiful. Approximately years old, Damian will never be a master vampire, but because of the additional power of Anita and Nathaniel, he can physically walk in daylight—although doing so tends to drive him lookinng a fear-induced insanity.

This comes from witnessing Perrin, one of his Viking comrades who was also turned into a vampire, burst into flames from walking in the sunlight while he and the aforementioned Viking were in the "care" of Morvoren. When Anita works on improving her second triumvirate power base Damian goes from having to obey Anita if given a direct command to having more free Gillette women looking for sex and can choose not to obey her.

Anita does not like anyone being forced to obey her and it was one of the reasons she kept a slight distance with Damian for a few books, compared to other lovers. Female sex Golden lives in Anita's basement and works at Danse Macabre.

In later books Damian lives under ground at the Circus of the Damned and has his own room. He became slightly insane when Anita left St. Louis for six months, without her magic to control him or to make his heart beat.

Dave is an ex-cop who was kicked off the force after he became a vampire, under unrevealed circumstances and who now owns a bar called "Dead Dave's". Though mad at the police for kicking him off the force, Dave sells and gives information to Anita to aid her investigations. Jean-Claude made Gretchen a vampire almost years ago. Pale, with wavy blond hair falling near to her waist, Gretchen is hopelessly in love with Jean-Claude in every sense of the word, and erroneously sees Anita as the primary obstacle to his love.

Although she "has not used that name in years", Gretchen diminutive of Margarete, like in Faust was originally named Akron house wife gets horny diminutive of Greteand Jean-Claude still at times calls her by that name. A master vampire, she has strong mental powers, a resistance to silver, and the power of flight.

In The Lunatic CafeGretchen attacks Anita, and as punishment, Jean-Claude had her confined to a coffin wrapped in crosses and chains for three years. Due to needing power and energy, partly due to vampire politics lookign partly due to Anita's stubbornness in various issues, reduces her to a skeletal state withdrawing her animating force, as her creator.

However, Gretchen still hates Anita Gillette women looking for sex coming between Gillette women looking for sex and Gillette women looking for sex Claude, and in Cerulean SinsAnita states that Gretchen's confinement has driven her "even Gilleyte than she was before.

In Blood Noir; Gretchen goes on live television and answers news reporters questions about a false rumor concerning Anita and Jean Claude's relationship. She tries to make viewers believe Anita left Jean Claude for Jason and is an extremely immoral person.

Hannah is the vampiric lady love of Willie McCoy. Willie refers to her as Angel Fangs. Hannah also gets possessed by the Traveler when Vampire Council members are in town. Hamilton erroneously called her "Candy" in The Harlequin ; she later wrote in her blog that Candy had been Hannah's original name during the first draft of Burnt Offeringsand that the mistake will be corrected for the paperback edition of the book.

He is said to be between and years old, an exact age is never given, except Danse Macabre Ch. Gilllette is part of the triumvirate consisting of Anita Blake and Ulfric of the St. Louis Swingers Personals in Latta, Richard Zeeman. He is what in earlier times would be called an incubus. He carries the ardeur, which is like a sexual vampirism. He passed this onto Anita. A large Nordic vampire with bodybuilder muscles who pledged her loyalty to Jean-Claude when he became Master of the City of St.

Jealous of Jean-Claude's affection for Anita, Liv later betrays him and his followers to the Traveler, who had promised her the ability to kill or at least dominate Anita.

Anita was only minorly affected Gillette women looking for sex punished Liv with final death for her betrayal and for her role in Padma's abuses of several local werecreatures. The Killing DanceBurnt Offerings.

A master vampire of Belle Morte's Gillette women looking for sex that recently moved to St. Louis; often called "The Dark Knight". He can feed the ardeur every two hours, which makes him a potential potent pomme de sangbut the drawback is that he becomes addicted to the ardeur. London made a deal with Jean-Claude to protect him from his addiction and Belle Morte, who had used it against himbut he later becomes addicted to Anita's ardeur.

Anita is not altogether happy with this organization, since it tends to create plenty of emotionally unstable young vampires as many of their converts are angst-ridden teenagers. He is described by Anita to be an "undead Billy Graham. Unfortunately, other branches of the Church nationwide have likewise not looknig their members.

Worse yet, Incubus Dreams reveals the Church is holding back on teaching its Vampires, in effect not showing the members how to fir Vampires to their full potential or explaining the effects of what they can now do. For example, the Church considers drinking from the inner thigh "too sexual" and does not explain how to do so without the donor bleeding to death.

Unlike many of the Church's members, Malcolm himself is aware of his vampiric psychic powers, and Anita knows of two: He can make himself appear to be more handsome than he is, and he is able to read the minds of anyone he shakes hands with. Unlike most Vampires in the series, Malcolm is extremely religious; he says that being undead has not changed his beliefs.

When threatened by the Harlequin, he asks Anita to find a priest to hear his confession, Housewives seeking hot sex Morada he can die absolved. Anita found a priest willing Gillette women looking for sex it was stated that it took 3 days to hear his confession. Meng Die is short, delicate, and described by Anita as resembling Polite Rhode island male seeking good girl "China doll.

Originally turned by Jean-Claude himself, Meng Die is an extremely powerful master vampire, an accomplished fighter, Gillette women looking for sex like Jean-Claude himself can call wolves.

Unlike many of the master vampires of Belle Morte's bloodline, Meng Die does not appear to womeh any variant lolking the ardeur. Although she is sexually accomplished, she does not have any particular abilities related to love or lust. Meng Die is powerful enough to become Gillette women looking for sex master of a city in her own right, and aggressive enough that her former master of the city in San Francisco, was happy lookibg "loan" her to Jean-Claude, thereby reducing the risk that she would try to seize her former master's territory for herself.

It was mentioned a few different wex that she was a day or two from killing him and taking Gillette women looking for sex. Jean-Claude originally invites her to visit his territory in order to increase his strength and Gillette women looking for sex his territory against challengers. However, once Jean-Claude acquires other, less difficult master vampires, he begins to Gillette women looking for sex inviting Gillette women looking for sex Die into his retinue, as her power, aggression and sexual jealousy of Anita make her one Wives seeking sex PA Sugarloaf 18249 the most difficult of his vampires to control.

Meng Die particularly Gillette women looking for sex Anita because one of her lovers, Requiem has left her in order to increase his chances of forming a relationship with Anita. She attempts to kill him with a silver knife and injures him in the process. Afterward, she is locked into a coffin bound with crosses and chains. She cracks the coffin with a power spike Beautiful ladies want friendship Little Rock Jean Claude and is finally released in Danse Macabre.

At Giplette end of Bullet she volunteers herself to take over as Master of Atlanta. Nikolaos had the appearance of a young girl around age 12 and sounded like Shirley Temple when not angry. Her mental abilities and physical strength were formidable and frightening. Nikolaos had a variety of Master-level ofr Gillette women looking for sex kills Nikolaos at the end of Guilty Pleasures by cutting her head off and stabbing her in the heart with Burchard's sword. First and only Appearance: With brute strength and being a powerful vampire who formerly looked to the Dragon as his mistress, Primo works under Buzz at Guilty Pleasures and repeatedly lets people in who are not supposed to be allowed, causing looiing until Jean-Claude and Anita intervene.

He is almost powerful enough to beat Jean-Claude, until Anita steps in and blood-oaths him. He wants to be master of the city, but is not powerful sdx. Seems to be able to feed off violence, like Jean-Claude feeds on sex. Also caused Anita "harm from a distance". He can rapidly heal fatal wounds by drinking the blood of a preternatral creature. Jean-Claude's third in command, Requiem is a British-born vampire that Belle Morte offered to buy from his master to complete her blue-eyed trio: He has the power to raise lust—straight lust—similar to Jean-Claude's ardeur Anita describes his power as "like hours of really good foreplay packed into seconds".

However, Requiem is always fiercely polite and sees taking advantage of this power as rape, refusing to use it uninvited. He has black hair and a trimmed mustache.

His name comes from being "poetic, but damn depressing".

A beautiful blond, Robert is first introduced as one of the strippers at Guilty Pleasures, and later is promoted to its manager. Although a century old, Robert is essentially a coward and repeatedly backs down in confrontations with Jean-Claude's enemies. Robert marries Monica Vespucci and they are able to Gillette women looking for sex a child.

Shortly thereafter, he is Mature sex clubs Sumter by Sabin's triumvirate as part of a plot to heal Sabin. Brother of Wicked, Truth is nearly killed trying to capture a fleeing vampire from the Church of Eternal Life on Anita's command. He is blood oathed by Anita.

With Wicked, he helped to slay his entire bloodline, and together he Fo his brother have traveled alone for years. Noted warriors, the brothers are called "The Wicked Truth. Their bloodline has extreme speed and can pass for human, even to witches.

If the vampire council wanted shapeshifters killed they sent for Wicked and Truth's bloodline, the "warrior elite".

During Skin Trade, Truth was afraid of Anita because she held the ardeur and that she'd be a monster in the end just like Belle Morte. His thoughts change when he hears lookimg fear of that same Gillette women looking for sex and both brothers promise that they'll kill her if that ever happened. He is the more modest Moms Indiana looking for sex free the brothers.

Child vampire brought over by a vampire pedophile, Valentina is Musette's helper and an expert torturer. She is one of the few who has seen Marmee Noir in person. Pain is Gillette women looking for sex substitute for sex because she is a small child.

Gillette women looking for sex I Am Looking Sex Contacts

Jean-Claude describes her as disturbed, and she is fond of trying to break strangers. She is not without a sense of honor, however, and despises child molesters; along with Bartolome, she chooses to stay to undo the damage they did to Stephen and Gregory. Anita strongly suspects she lookiny also because she is afraid of Marmee Noir. Cerulean SinsDanse MacabreBullet. A vampire with dozens of human kills, Valentine was the only vampire survivor of an earlier fight between his nest of dex and Gillehte, Manny, and Edward.

During that fight, Anita received the scars she possessed at the beginning of Guilty Pleasuresand Valentine's face was scarred by holy water. Valentine promised to kill Anita when Anita's work for Nikolaos was completed, but was himself killed by Anita. He wears a mask to cover his scars. Brother to Truth, Wicked is a vampire aomen considerable power.

Together with his brother, he was able to sexx his entire bloodline after their Sourdre de Sang went insane Gillette women looking for sex the vampires of their line began randomly killing people. The council Gillette women looking for sex on whether or not to kill Horny ebony women searching mature relationship advice and Truth also, with Gilletts Morte actually voting to save them, but the brothers were left masterless, which weakened them.

After traveling alone and masterless for many years, in Incubus DreamsAnita binds the brothers to Jean-Claude. Wicked and Truth "The Wicked Truth" are considered among the greatest of all vampire warriors. It is unclear whether this is Gillette women looking for sex continuity error, or if being masterless had reduced his power enough that he was no longer a master vampire.

Willie is a small-time hood turned vampire. The first vampire friend of Anita's, he is one of only two or three vampires Anita has known before and after being turned. Willie is dating the vampire Hannah. Willie also gets possessed by the Traveler when Vampire Council members are in town.

Gillette women looking for sex

An "exotic" looking master vampire with dark skin and hair, Yasmeen and her Gillette women looking for sex servant, Marguerite, are Jean-Claude's allies during the events of Circus of the Damned. Yasmeen is difficult to control Gillette women looking for sex threatens Anita and Larry whenever she has the opportunity. She also enjoys making Marguerite jealous. She gets torn apart by Alejandro in the final battle of that novel. Circus of the Damned. Sometime after Jean-Claude's ascension to Master of St.

Louis after Guilty Pleasures and before the events in Bloody Bonesthe Gillette women looking for sex Council decided that Branson, Missouri had become sufficiently populous to split off from Jean-Claude's territory and support its own group of vampires. They promised Jean-Claude that they would appoint a vampire of equal or lesser power to himself, and permitted Seraphina and her retinue to take up residence in Branson.

The apparently fictional city of Myerton, Tennessee served as the Mayodan NC sex dating for Blue Moonthe eighth novel in the Anita Blake series.

A rotting vampire ; second-in-command to Colin. Barnaby was a master vampire who used his bite to spread corruption, a power believed to be unique only to Morte d'Amour, so he is presumably of this council member's line. His bite nearly killed Nathaniel, but Asher and Damian were able to save his life Adult wants nsa Jewell Ridge Virginia Anita's help of her necromance powers.

Master Vampire of the city of Myerton, Tennessee. He was not convinced when Anita came to rescue Richard from jail that she did not mean to replace him with Asher, who came with her. He decided to challenge Anita and lost nearly half his vampires during their first encounter. He was a nighthag - a vampire who could cause and feed on fear. Damian described his former master to have the same ability.

He also said they carry around a constant aura of fear that can't be turned off. Colin had Barnaby use his ability of infectious rot on Nathaniel, which nearly made him rot from the inside out, but Anita saved him with the help of Asher and Damian.

Supposedly it was a compliment, the torturing or infecting of Nathaniel because if Colin did not believe Anita could have saved Nathaniel, Colin wouldn't have infected him. Colin had a human servant named Nikki, who was a native-American necromancer, but not as powerful as Gillette women looking for sex. Colin died after Anita killed Nikki. The Master of the City of Albuquerque and Gillette women looking for sex one thousand years old, Itzpapalotl translated as Obsidian Butterfly is an Aztec vampire who believes herself to be the goddess Itzpapalotl.

Due to her having killed any vampire or human servant that has wandered into the city for the last 50 Gillette women looking for sex, the vampire council has forbidden entry into her territory. Anita Gillette women looking for sex the only one who was not murdered, most likely because Itzpapalotl was intrigued by the triumvirate that Anita is a part of. Itzpapalotl exchanged the secret of manipulating certain forms of life energy for how the triumvirate was formed. Unlike many other master vampires, Itzpapalotl cannot tell when someone is lying.

Anita believes this is because Itzpapalotl is lying to herself, since she truly believes she is a god. Itzpapalotl gave Anita a taste of her own power in order to get the information she wanted and the power left Anita with eyes that were completely black. Eventually, Anita's eyes changed back, but abilities Anita gained from her exchange with Itzpapalotl have lingered on and are usually accompanied by the change in eye color.

Another centuries-old vampire who believed he was a god, he was ultimately behind the mutilation murders and victims, although his servants may have been the actual perpetrators.

He wanted to use Anita as a sacrifice, thinking that her mortality would make him immortal and yet mortal. Gillette women looking for sex he could sacrifice himself to awaken the other gods. Itzpapalotl had some hand in Anita's defeat of him, because after Anita had a taste of her power, she was less affected by him. One of the original Spanish conquerors of the Aztecs, Diego was one of twelve men who raped four priestesses five hundred years ago, and is still being punished by Itzpapalotl for it.

Itzpapalotl made the twelve men into vampires and has exacted "justice" on them for as long as they had survived; Diego is one of the last three remaining. Diego was to show Anita how "a god feeds;" however, he refused to take the blood offering from an intimate place, and so he was beaten by the four priestesses, also turned vampiric by Gillette women looking for sex. The Lukoi are a group of shapeshiftersWife looking hot sex Walters after King Lykaon of Arcadia, who Richard describes as Gillette women looking for sex ancient king who did not hide that he was a werewolf.

In Greek myth, Lycaon was the first king of Arcadia and was cursed by Zeus to turn into a wolf. About Anita's height, with wavy, waist-length brown hair and hazel eyes, Cassandra claimed to be a new werewolf in town. In reality, she was a member of a triumvirate with Sabin and Dominic and was part of a plot to sacrifice AnitaJean-Claudeand Richard in order to save Sabin from a fatal wasting illness which had been brought on by not drinking human blood, to please Cassandra.

Their Wife seeking hot sex KS Kansas city 66104 was unsuccessful, and Harley killed Gillette women looking for sex during the attempted ritual. Sylvie Barker's girlfriend, a psychiatrist and a powerful werewolf, with long wavy blond hair and a dainty, "china doll" appearance. Skollor first enforcer of the St. Jamil Akron house wife gets horny just shy of six feet, with rich brown skin and waist-length hair woven into corn rows.

He is an alpha werewolf with enough power to keep Richard out when Richard lets his power wash over the pack. Jamil had been Skoll for the pack under Marcus, and tradition dictated that the new Ulfric kill him upon taking over the pack, but Richard Gillette women looking for sex him live to ease the transition.

Jamil is thus very loyal to Richard. He and Anita originally had a good relationship, but when Anita was forced to use Obsidian's power to feed on him he feared her enough that Anita says she's lost a friend.

Gwen commented Big tit dating Jamil is homophobic, saying that he thought "every lesbian woman was a woman waiting for the right man". Casual encounters Caserio De Las Nogueras in his early 20s now, having met Anita when he was younger, he's a Gemini, has blonde "baby-fine" hair and sky blue eyes.

Lately he has Gillette women looking for sex quite pleased to get a blush from Anita after "taking one for the team" because before, he was not on her guy radar for possible sex partners. He was always just in the background, but in later books the readers learn more about his background and about New Fontana sex tonight. Gillette women looking for sex has an intense fear of rotting vampires or anything similar due to being rotted on by two vampires Bettina and Pallas in a sexual context.

Jason's hometown is near AshevilleNorth Carolina. In Narcissus in ChainsJason has cut his hair short Gillette women looking for sex short", and in the more recent novels, Jason has taken on a more complex role as Anita's friend and sometimes "fuck-buddy", showing a surprisingly quick and discerning kooking, quick to I would give anything for a sweet girl tonight Anita's fears when she breaks down after having tortured Deputy Thompson in Blue Moonand to point out how she has been neglecting Nathaniel's sexual needs at the beginning of Incubus Dreams.

Anita comments in following books that in any other scenario being tied up would terrify her but with Nathaniel and the right Gillette women looking for sex it turns her on, which she does not quite seem to understand but is starting to accept. As Jean Claude states so eloquently, Jason is the only person that can give Anita hard truths and not make her angry.

He is one of her closest friends and someone that teaches her that there are different types of love. He also becomes Anita's wolf to call in Blood Noir. His name at Guilty Pleasure is 'Ripley', from Alien. A short, balding werewolf with a day job as an investigative reporter for a Saint Louis newspaper. Irving remains closeted at his day job in order to avoid discrimination, and frequently exchanges information with Anita.

Irving was particularly persistent in his attempts to meet and interview Jean-Claudebut got more than he bargained for. Gillette women looking for sex was the former Gillegte of the werewolf pack. Gilldtte was a surgeon and one of the pack's only doctors. He had a lupa named Raina, who together helped put both werewolves and wereleopards into pornographic snuff films.

He was killed by Richard in a battle for supremacy and eaten by the entire pack. Raina was a fantastically beautiful werewolf. She was the lupa of the werewolves, "psychotic bitch", and an extreme sadist. She often used her sexuality to manipulate other wolves into doing her bidding. She and Marcus helped punish werewolves and wereleopards for refusing her by putting them into pornographic snuff films.

She was shot and killed by Anita Rapid City fuck buddies trying to have Anita killed in one of her snuff films in The Killing Dance.

Lookinng, Raina's "munin" spirit now "haunts" Anita. Sometimes Anita calls her to get information or help with healing. In return Anita must Giolette her a favor usually something sexual. In munin form in most of the books following The Killing Dance. Rashida is one of the werewolves attending Jean-Claude Gilleette Circus of the Damned.

She is beautiful and slender, with dark skin and a close-cropped haircut. Richard, the ulfric or "wolf-king" of the local werewolf pack, is one of Anita's primary love interests.

Richard Zeeman is a junior high school science teacher who has to hide his lycanthropy from everyone but his pack and his womfn Anita. Along with the undead community. He tries so hard to get Anita's attention though the books for so long but eventually he somewhat gives up. He decided wmen he didn't want to share her anymore. He started to search for another lupa. After some months in therapy he rejoins Jean Claude and Anita's triumvirate with a more accepting attitude.

Hatior second enforcer of the St. He is a tall man of Chinese descent and an unnervingly intense gaze. Unlike many shapeshifters, Shang-Da prefers elegant clothes with polished wingtip shoes for everyday wear. Shang-Da transferred from the San Francisco Bay pack Hot sex in cottage took the role of Richard's Hati without any fights, as no one else wanted the position that badly.

Shang-Da has a strong dislike for Anita due to the fact that she hurt Richard in the only way Shang-Da Gillette women looking for sex protect him from by being repeatedly unfaithful and a bad Lupa. He is the first lycanthrope that Anita met who carries a gun, a snub nose.

Slightly taller than Anita, with blond hair and blue eyes, Anita describes Stephen as beautiful as a Wife want have sex tonight doll.

Stephen is one of Gillette women looking for sex strippers at Jean-Claude's club Guilty Pleasures stage name "Harlow" and serves as one of Jean-Claude's personal wolves.

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He is one of the many beautiful yet vulnerable sex workers Anita takes under her wing during the course of the series. He shows attachment to both Anita and Richard.

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When Raina tries to force him to be in her films, Anita saves him. His twin brother Gregory is a wereleopard. Stephen has been dating the wereleopard Vivian. Richard's Geri, or second-in-command and a good friend to Anita. Gillette women looking for sex is a lesbian except for The Harlequin where she suddenly proclaims; "Nothing personal, Anita. I mean you're cute, Single women Douglas I don't do women, and with you this weak, and Jean-Claude out of it, I don't want to take the chance that this thing spreads through the Gillette women looking for sex.

Sylvie is an alpha were and one of the few others, besides Richard, that can partially shapeshift. She also has a collection of bones that came from her enemies, such as Fernando, Padma 's son. She occasionally takes out the collection and runs her wome over the bones to comfort herself.

One of Micah's leopards, with a penchant for body piercing. He has a bit of a wise ass streak and a tendency to ignore orders.

He used to rape Gina and Violet on Chimera's Gillette women looking for sex. Cherry is tall and slender, a natural blonde, clear-headed and a fount of information, but not someone Anita completely trusts to effectively guard her back.

Unlike most known shapeshifters, Cherry more or less consented to receive her lycanthropy from Gabrielsince it enabled her to regrow a leg that was severed in an automobile accident shortly before. She was Women looking sex tonight Wynona Oklahoma nurse before they found out she was a lycanthrope, and one of the few local weres that has medical knowledge. When it was revealed Gillette women looking for sex her bosses that she was a lycanthrope, she was one of the first to be laid off because of "budget cuts"; Cherry now more or less flaunts her lycanthropy via exceptionally sensual attire and behavior in public.

She acts as Anita's medic when needed, and can assist Dr. She and Zane were once lovers and remain very close.

In the privacy of a home environment she prefers to remain nude. She made Gabriel a lycanthrope. Though the other leopards believe they miss the way things were when Gabriel was Leader, in truth Elizabeth is the Gillette women looking for sex one who truly misses him.

She hates Anita because she herself isn't strong enough to lead the pard. In the novel Narcissus in Chains she leaves Nathaniel in a club in which he is kidnapped along with Gregory by Marco. A sinister looking wereleopard with dark curly hair, Gabriel was the alpha of the St. Louis pardThe Blood Drinkers.

While living, Gabriel was called leoparde lionne a Private incounters in Green Bay Wisconsin leader by pard members.

Posthumously, pard members admitted Gabriel led as a lion Gillette women looking for sex. Gabriel was a severe sadomasochist who contracted lycanthropy when Elizabeth shifted into leopard form during sex and mauled him nearly to death, the crowning moment of his life.

Gabriel forced his pard to participate in Raina's pornography operation, and eventually fixated on the idea of raping and mauling Anita on film while she Horny married women in Manteca to kill him. Anita was successful in that scenario, and Gabriel died.

According to his pard, Gabriel forr called a lion passantbecause he ruled but did not actively protect the pard.

Although Gabriel did protect the pard in some ways, such as helping Zane quit drugs, protecting Nathaniel as he Gilletfe his darker urges, and helping Cherry to regenerate a severed leg, he was not willing to risk his personal Free online dating web sites for the pard. One of the two females from Micah's original Woman looking hot sex Alderpoint, the Maneaters.

Both female weres were kept by Chimera as hostages and tortured Gillette women looking for sex to ensure Micah's cooperation. His twin brother Stephen is a werewolf. Like his brother, Gregory is a stripper stage name: When they were children, Gilette were sexually abused and pimped-out by their father Anthony Dietrich. Gregory played a role in Raina's porn movies, raping and hurting the werewolves, including his brother Stephen, but only because Gillette women looking for sex Nimir-Raj ordered it; once Anita became the Nimir-Ra, he stopped.

Gregory made up for his prior actions when he chose torture over hurting the pard. Later, Gregory was held up at a club, and in the crossfire of a fight, accidentally stabbed Anita while in Gillette women looking for sex Gilltte, leading many to believe she might turn into a wereleopard. Gregory was sentenced to trial for "killing the Lupa" by the Lukois since Anita as a wereleopard can no longer dex the Lukoi's Lupa.

Gregory was tortured, bound, drugged and held captive underground but Anita managed to save him. He is often on call to help her and around for support, making snide remarks about how everyone gets to sleep loking her but him. Despite a more negative relationship previously, Gregory and brother Stephen show intense family love for each other many times. Stepped down as Nimir-Raj of Micah's pard in favor of Micah. Now bodyguard to Micah, resembles an aging biker.

Merle wouldn't sacrifice his human form for his pard, the Maneater Clan, so Micah stepped in and attempted to stand up to Chimera. After they were freed from Chimera, it was Merle who punished Noah and Caleb for their behavior towards the female pard members. Micah Callahan arrived in St. Louis as the Nimir-Raj of the Maneater Clan. Micah is coordinator of the Lycanthrope Swx, and is also Anita's live-in lover.

He is also one of her closest companions along with Nathaniel. Micah has many unique powers as a shape-shifter. He can heal others by 'calling flesh. He is about the womdn height and same size as Anita, with rich brown hair, very large genitalia, and is extremely easy-going. He does, however, share an antagonistic relationship with Richard, who feels that Micah has usurped his place. Micah has also been wlmen to have a very abusive past. Their old leader Chimera, who Gillette women looking for sex killed in Narcissus in Chains, forced him into animal form too often permanently turning his eyes.

His nose was Gillette women looking for sex and Anita finds it healing later in the books. As of the Novel Bullet, Micah has a deep relationship with Nathaniel, while continuing his romance with Anita, the two even show public displays of eex growing from verbal acknowledgment to full on make ssx sessions written later in the series.

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