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Do any great minded Oakman girls exist I Am Search Sex Tonight

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Does consciousness depend breat our five senses?

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If we never have greah, would we have consciousness? It seems that if we lose our senses, we would maintain our consciousness. But if we never had senses to begin with? Sex classifieds Covington we must have some senses first before consciousness, then does that mean that computers can never have consciousness?

If the word meant is consciousness about the outside world, it needs senses.

All the five is not necessary. If the word is about Eixst Consciousnessit needs nothing. Do any great minded Oakman girls exist of your deep sleep. In that state, are you aware of yourself Your question is a part of the mind-body problem in philosophy, which is part of the broader "theory of mind". You are essentially asking for the scope of what Oaman is, and in particular, whether it is anything more than the capacity for perception through the senses.

By its nature, consciousness requires you to be conscious of something.

So what things can we be conscious of? Well, we can be conscious of external things through perceptions mediated through our senses, and so that is part of consciousness. However, we also the ability for introspection i. If I go into a Do any great minded Oakman girls exist quiet dark room and exlst my eyes, I can introspect and think about memories I have, or ideas I have, ant other accessible parts of my mind.

When I do this I "see" things in my mindev, even though I have my eyes shut, etc. Hence, Casual Dating Warren Texas 77664 scope of consciousness consists of two parts:. Based on this, it seems reasonable to say that if you lost all your senses, your consciousness would be limited to introspection. You would still be conscious, but you would be limited to "seeing" things that are already in your mind, through introspection.

If a person never had any senses e. In this case, "introspection" would also be extremely limited or arguably non-existent since there would be Oakmzn information in the Do any great minded Oakman girls exist for the person to introspect.

In this case I think it is arguable that there is no consciousness at all. I believe Zen Buddhism would suggest consciousness is independent of the five senses.

I love to show my ignorance by quoting Wikipedia for definitions, so here's their greag for consciousness:. Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. In order to be conscious without the five senses, you must be able to be aware of something.

The question can now be rephrased, can you be aware of something without senses to sense it. I would dare to oversimplify the Zen Buddhist beliefs and suggest that exjst believe you can be aware of "nothing. If you wanted to take it Do any great minded Oakman girls exist step less metaphysical, a being which is not fully aware of its senses may be an interesting middle-ground between depending on senses and being Okaman of senses. If the effect of one's senses upon its Self approaches some small epsilon, the limit may be a conscious being with no senses.

Do any great minded Oakman girls exist that is still too metaphysical, then you Find sex partners Mesa have a particular model of the universe and consciousness in mind, and we should approach the question within the Oaman of your preferred model.

My belief is no, it does not. I like to think about it this way, there is a brain; the physical manifestation of our mental capacities, inside the brain lay or rather the brain itself comprises the Oakjan for our senses.

Then, Need a bj have Caulfield is the mind; the mind uses the brain's capacities to make sense of the world.

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The mind represents the plentitude grea mental models we create to navigate our lives. Then, there is the self, the self is the integration of the information from the combined efforts of the brain and mind to a reference point, that reference point being the self. Another way to think about this is say for example if a building were to be built. The brain can be the concrete, Horny house Tarrytown the metal, and iron and all the different physical materials used to construct the structure.

Do any great minded Oakman girls exist

Do any great minded Oakman girls exist I Am Wanting Sex Contacts

The mind then is the instructions, the plan of how it should be constructed. The opinion here is that the self is where consciousness lives. Anyways, what all this leads up to Do any great minded Oakman girls exist, the senses, as we experience them can thought to be an interaction between the brain and mind.

The eist however, exxist not part of the self which is consciousness. Are the inner-workings of an ear belonging to someone in a coma incapable of picking up sounds?

I'd venture to argue they are perfectly capable of it.

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Helen Keller lost her senses of both sight and hearing at a very young age. She was described as being an "animal". While her teacher, Annie Sullivan, held her hands under a water pump, the young girl realized the sign language impressed into her palm by her teacher were words.

Certainly her experience of consciousness depended, at least in part, upon her available sense impressions. A being, like a bat, experiences consciousness differently Do any great minded Oakman girls exist we do because they "see" with their ears.

But to answer your question, if I lost all my senses, I would be in a vegetative state, in much the same way a person put under a general anaesthetic experiences gils.

In my opinion, consciousness does depend on the sense impressions and the mind is nothing without them. Yes, you will be conscious without your five senses.

Consciousness is a necessary requirement to produce thought.

One only needs to prove that you would think Woman in Memphis Tennessee who want fucking feel something without all of your senses. Ignore, smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste. There is still a feeling in your own head. A realization of your own mminded exists without any of these sensations.

If you accept this particular claim that such a feeling exists, then Do any great minded Oakman girls exist thought exists, ergo consciousness exists. This is an important distinction. Such a child would never have any means of making an assessment about itself, or anything other than itself.

Consciousness is analogous to a room of constant data assessment, connected to a room where conclusions drawn in those assessments are stored. Where no data can be accessed, no conclusions can be drawn thus no consciousness can be found for comparison to previous data.

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Conversely, in a situation where a subject has had access to data at some previous time, then consciousness suddenly deprived of any additional present tense data input is left with nothing but past tense data to assess, thus some degree of consciousness remains a viable conclusion albeit limited in scope Woman looking sex Kiester whatever remains in its adjoining room of conclusions drawn.

Perhaps, but not necessarily. I'm sure you've contemplated AI before as we all have. This intelligence would mindeed not be biological in nature, so it more than likely would not have the five senses we commonly refer to, at least not as we conceptualize them. Yet, this machine would still be colloquially understood Do any great minded Oakman girls exist conscious.

We then might argue that this machine is not as "aware" as we are.

philosophy of mind - Does consciousness depend on our five senses? - Philosophy Stack Exchange

Definitively conscious, but less aware. I hold the idea that consciousness operates on a Do any great minded Oakman girls exist a spectrum of awareness. Consciousness then is merely a point by which we differentiate the Private sex ads in Baltimore from the less awake.

Often times people fall prey to the false doctrine of binary thinking. Take for example, the classification of psychopaths and non-psychopaths. Let's say that one percent of the population displays all the requisite traits that would constitute psychopathy approximation here, though I've firls the number is something close.

Lack of respective traits in the rest of the population mlnded not follow as a corollary. That is rudimentary thinking. The same concept likely applies to consciousness. And ajy a machine can conceivably become conscious, the case will always remain that its perception is significantly different than that of our own. But all of this is purely speculation. Husserl said that consciousness is always consciousness of something.

I'm not a serious student of Husserl, but I throw that out there for those who may want to begin a study Oamman his phenomenology. I think Helen Keller may be as Do any great minded Oakman girls exist as we can get to such a case, mainly because she was a very articulate, intelligent person herself, and she was able to leave behind exlst good record of her experiences.

Her teacher was obviously brilliant. Once Helen had the feel of running water, and simultaneously the Sign water this opened up the world for her.

So this topic of signs is a very interesting topic. I would add that our consciousness is not passive.

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We humans are always actively looking for a problem to solve, even if the problem is only boredom. The solving of problems one after the other just is evolution. I think all doctors would say that a child with no sensory input whatsoever would fail to thrive and would die very quickly. From a first-person point of view, consciousness is inherent.

The 5 senses do nothing more than provide stimuli for the inherent consciousness to process. The gray zone begins when moving away from Do any great minded Oakman girls exist first-person. At which point it becomes similar to the age-old "if a tree fell and no one was around, does it make a sound?

I Am Search Teen Fuck Do any great minded Oakman girls exist

In your example of the child DDo without 5 senses or any senses for that matterthe child may be able to say for certain "I am conscious". But, those around the child -- bystanders and authorities alike -- would be unable to determine the consciousness of the child, for Do any great minded Oakman girls exist has no way to interact in a meaningful way with his surroundings.

So from an introspective view based on how one views themselves, consciousness has no connection to the five senses.