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Any guys out their looking to chill out tonite

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Plus the clubs, even in the capital, are disappointing: These are just two stories sent to the Guardian in response to our survey asking millennials those aged 18 to 35 about their relationship with a once treasured pastime: Hundreds of clubs have closed in recent years. The decline of nightclubbing has been attributed, in part, to the smoking ban, and to relaxed licensing laws that make bars and pubs more appealing.

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But gjys has also been suggested that many young people, like Michelle, now simply prefer a night in as opposed to a night out, meeting people via online dating platforms such as Tinder instead.

We received responses to our call out on clubbing, with the vast majority agreeing that a night in was now preferable to a night out.

However, not everyone answered this question. Many talked about the rising price of a night out. Lucy, 25, from London said: Helen, 23, from Newcastle said: The nightclub scene is also more diverse in Newcastle, catering to more genres and age groups.

Harri, 27, from London pointed out that a night out now costs almost as much as a weekend away. And city breaks look better on Instagram. Tom, 33, from London chlil the demise of once great clubbing venues: Many of those who responded also expressed a preference for big nights or festivals, where they could enjoy quality time with friends, rather than regular club experiences.

'I’d rather chill in and relax': why millennials don't go clubbing | Opinion | The Guardian

Blaynos, 26, from London said: Rather than seeing themselves as a generation stuck staring at phones and not wanting to connect in real life, most of the young people who cihll said that clubs were simply not personal enough. At the end of a long week they want to spend time with their friends, rather than shout over music at them.

Sarah, 30, from Bristol said: I love live music, and going to tehir bands play live is the main way to keep them in existence these days. Harriet, 26, from Manchester said: There was a small majority who found the clubbing scene simply too stressful.

Seeking Sex Dating Any guys out their looking to chill out tonite

Dave, 19, from York said: Abi, 24, from Bath agreed: Michael, 33, from Leicester said: Pre-social media and messenger services it would have cost a small fortune to stay in touch the way we do now. There were issues that, perhaps understandably, affected women more than men.

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Ashley, 21, from London summed it up nicely when she said: Mina, 19, from Walsall agreed: Instead, you can actually talk to your friends without shouting over music. For some, health issues were also a factor.

In an extract from his book, Modern Dating, the comedian sets out Here was my text: “Hey – don't know if you left for NYC, but Beach House playing tonight and tomorrow at Wiltern. I could tell that every guy and girl in the audience had had their own Today, we look at our screens almost immediately. The Best Places to Chill Out in Los Angeles the state-of-the-art building is renowned for its Modernist look. For centuries, Los Angeles has welcomed a myriad of religions - some of L.A.'s most . Then there are the more humble institutions, the ones catering to more obscure and specialized tastes. If he's doing any of these, maybe reevaluate this relationship. But there's a difference between a caring boyfriend, and a guy who's When he only wants to hang out if it's intimate sexy time just When you get dressed up to go out with ya girls, he makes a remark like, "Wow, don't you look sexy tonight.

Alex, 27, from Essex said: This stops us from letting our hair down for fear of candid photos being publicised online. There is also a lot of pressure to not drink, and not relax due to tonitd ourselves to our peers with jobs, relationships, healthy lifestyles. Alice, 28, from Manchester said: A few drinks with friends is nice but better to go out for food.

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The last reason given by many millennials? This cropped up a lot, particularly among younger millennials still studying for their exams.

Emily,18, from Solihull said: Leah, 18, from Newcastle agreed: Brie, 21, from Sheffield was in a similar situation, and said that she cannot deal with a headache for a full morning as well as coping with university study. For older millennials, just as exhausting guts work is trying to keep up with competition in the graduate market. Ruth, 22 from Edinburgh said: Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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